Dungeon Shop Tycoon: Craft and Idle V1.784.11 Mod Apk

Dungeon Shop Tycoon: Craft and Idle V1.784.11 Mod Apk

Thông tin Game
Tên Game Dungeon Shop Tycoon: Craft and Idle V1.784.11 Mod Apk
Nhà phát triển Metamoki
Thể loại Simulation
Phiên bản 1.784.11
Tải ứng dụng trên CHPlay Download on CHPlay
Kích thước 126M
Chức năng mod
- Chests gives 9.999 reward
- Gem skip cost reduced to 1
Internet NO
Root NO
Uploader Xfox



✔️ Nội dung & mô tả

It's time to open up shop in Arpeegia! In Dungeon Shop Tycoon, you are in charge of building and managing item shops in a rich fantasy themed world, selling to all manner of would-be adventurers! Craft items for your customers, Recruit champions to help manage your shop, and grow your profit from across the realm as you expand to more dangerous locations.

Start your adventure as a Dungeon Shop Tycoon today!

● Manage your Storefront, Enchanting, and Crafting Rooms as you expand your business.
● Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new items, and upgrade existing ones.
● Hire unique champions who give special limited time boosts and power-ups to your shops.
● Set up shop in locations across the realm like Shireville, Elvendale, Dwarfburg, Bazaarnia and Brimstone!
● Build and upgrade your item collection with dozens of Swords, Armors, Accessories and many types of equipment.
● Renovate your shops to boost their income and attract bigger customers.
● Play Limited Time Events & Tournaments
● Check in everyday for amazing rewards

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