DMCA Disclaimer

DMCA Disclaimer

Dear visitors TaiGame.Top site. We ask that you carefully examine the provisions of Disclaimer in order to avoid legal and other precedents related to the use of the resource materials, including copyrighted. We urge you to respect the rights of other people, including their right to intellectual property, whether it is an article, image, audio file or program. Remember that copyright violations are punishable under the law with all its preventive measures:
DMCA - Denial of responsibility
1. Locate the main and secondary TaiGame.Top web pages (web-based resources in the future) the information is laid out for the free and full familiarize participants with the topics that may be of particular interest to them.

2. Any information published in their original format, with no guarantees of relevance, completeness, accuracy or correctness, and with no other clearly identified or implied warranties. Access to web-based resources, and the use of its contents only at the sole discretion and at personal risk.

3. Administrative Group portal (web-based resources director, officers, major shareholders, employees, administrators, representatives moderated team and other representatives) makes every effort to provide users with correct and relevant information, and the likelihood of discrepancies still exist.

4. Portal TaiGame.Top - a project with a fully accessible to all participants filling. Site architecture allows everyone who has access to the Internet, to multiply its content, so the site and its content are provided without limitation, on the principle of "as is", without making any arrangements between participants on this site, the Administration, owners of the servers upon which site is based, or anyone else, any way you want associated with the sites or indirect, that may be the reason for filing any complaints.

5. Any software that is stored on the user's own risk TaiGame.Top. Visitors to the site, downloading applications to web-based resources TaiGame.Top, agrees that for the installation and use of a full application may be required to pay a certain amount. Members are informed that the files can be placed including other users, whose actions are subject to moderation TaiGame.Top administration team.

6. The administrative structure does not provide any kind of promises or warranties regarding the site and its content, including, without limitation, in respect of the topicality, correctness, availability, accuracy, completeness or consistency with any specific website goals and content, in relation to the that when viewing the portal does not appear any problems, it will be safe and uninterrupted, that the administrators group to correct the said fault, or that the site is no Trojan horses and viruses, as well as that the filling and the site does not violate the rights not specified third parties .

7. Some links on TaiGame.Top website lead to third-party resources. These links are placed on this web design for ease of orientation and their presence does not mean that the Administrative Unit of the portal encourages or even in any way content of third-party web resources estimates. In addition, the Administration said the website is not responsible for the content of foreign resources and their availability. Written applies to any specified web-based resources on the submitted links, ad units, and other data from foreign portals available on the resource TaiGame.Top

The administration does not include among the major powers such as the operation control of the legality or illegality placed and sent information, including the information that visitors transmit the same as in the form of individual materials, and by sending links. Administrators Group does not does not determine the copyright, legality of receipt and shipment, as well as the use of materials moved between the parties.

Materials sent by one user to another are the subject of file sharing is the two users. The administration can not be held responsible for the content of this information, as well as for its affiliation to any author or group of authors. This information can nevertheless be available TaiGame.Top administrators, as any information transmitted on the resource automatically becomes the property TaiGame.Top founders, unless otherwise stated.

9. The Group Portal administrators take reasonable steps to ensure the completeness, legality and relevance of the content, but the administration is not responsible for the deliberate and accidental actions of third parties or organizations as a manufactured using materials located on the Internet or found the project through resource as provided by the Administration and by third parties.

10. The administrative structure of the Internet project, in accordance with the relevant legislation, disclaims any promises, guarantees and assurances that may be provided in any way or be in view, also manages the group shall not be liable in relation to the content of the Internet project, it participants and the site itself.

11. The promotional materials that are placed on the portal, is only responsible advertiser. Web-based resources also warns that the opportunity to purchase or use of goods and services offered on the price or on terms and conditions prescribed in the ad unit can not be guaranteed. The visitor agrees that the resource is not responsible for the likely consequences (including any loss), which arose as a result of any relationship with the advertisers. Such damages include such cases: personal injury, malfunction of computers, computer display of bias, damage computational tools and home networking, and other legal issues.

12. Internet project provided an opportunity for users to send comments, questions, suggestions, complaints and other notifications to enter this information into the appropriate sections of the portal, which will be viewed by other participants. This web-based resources are not liable for the information transmitted.

13. The party publishes materials required to ensure supplies of copyright and the rule of law is laid out articles or applications.

14. TaiGame.Top Team Members are not responsible for the content of the materials until they are editing by moderators.

15. The control group has the authority to supplement and reduce these requirements without notifying the participants. The management team also is not responsible for the modification, correction, editing, deleting all data published by members of the portal, or other related sites.

16. The Administrative Unit has the authority to block access to web-based resources to any visitor or group of participants without warning and explanation.

17. The administration has the right to edit or delete any text, executable files, audio, image files and other data which are published on the web-based resources participants, without warning and explanation of the claims.

18. The name, trademark name of the organization, product, and copyright in the design, to the author's material, and some consequential rights referred to, used or cited in the submitted website, belong to a full and true owners. In addition to the rights of the owner no one can control the rights to use the copyright data, only if the resource is not specified otherwise. Users are responsible for stealing copyrighted material.

19. Reading, distribution or modification of the information that is published on this resusre, may constitute a violation of the laws of the country in which the use of this project.

20. The visitor agrees that the conflicts and friction will be settled on the actual regulations of the Russian Federation.

21. The visitor agrees with the fact that the non-applicability of regulations and laws on the protection of consumers' rights to use party web-based resources as the provision of commercial services available.

22. The silence and neutrality on the part of the team resource manager with the obvious or hidden violating party to the Rules does not deprive the Administration of this site the right to use reasonable measures to protect the interests of the portal later.

25. In that case, when the current laws of the Russian Federation, some of the rules will be declared null and void, the remaining conditions remain in their full force.

Visiting a real portal, the participant confirms unambiguous consent to the position of "Disclaimer" and the proposed Regulation, in addition, it assumes all responsibilities that may be assigned to the user for legitimate reasons.

Team portal administrators at any time have the right to make modifications to the Regulation, which come into effect immediately. Continuing to use the portal after making modifications mean an automatic acceptance of the party's new rules.
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